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Vipre Password Vault

Installed, read all the material presented and uninstalled in one day.  The concept of the app appears to be great. However the the lack of a proper user guide means that end-users have to experiment and guess how all the options and functions are supposed to work.  I will wait until a user guide explaining how each function and option is supposed to work and hope that Vipre will allow me to install another trial.

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I too agree that a robust guide is called for.

Twenty years ago when a software writer finished writing his software code, he then wrote a User's Guide or at least documentation - which back then was very thorough!  That was true even for Freeware.  This is one of the things I miss the most about the software being written today - a thorough and comprehensive (and easily understood) User's Guide.   The worst User's Guides were the so-called "help files" written for Microsoft Windows.  They usually just said what the program can do, but did not say how to use any particular feature of the program.  They were totally useless!


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