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Blank Screen

I have download the Beta, confirmed it on since the version numbers match.  When I click the image to start I just bet a black screen and it never changes until it down scanning and then it says all is good.  

I do not get a screen that shows the other options or service available with the moble program.  Are there any other screen to be seen now.


It would be nice instead of just seen a black screen that where would be "something" that show activity and that the program is doing something a twirling VIPRE HEAD.  Maybe the Vipre strike out a virus bug apprearing on the screen and vipre takes them out in a flash bite.   Dave Harvey

David, can you update to version and let us know if the problem is still present?

Version APK

If you are already on this newer version, can you let me know if you find it extremely slow to switch between the various screens in VIPRE Mobile? Also, please post your phone make and model along with the version of Android it is running (found in Settings > System > About Device).

I have successfully down loaded the program.  but it does not open up.  I start the program from moble desk top, see splash, then blank screen for about a minute and an error screen will apprear and it says Vipre mobile securtiy insn't responding.  Do you want to close it    WAIT or Yes..


Good Luck.   Dave Harvey  may Android version is 4.1.2





I have an LG E97020j android version,,, baseband version APQ8064/MDM9x15M,,,Kernel version 3.4.0,,, build number JZ054K

Thank you for the updates David. If you choose the 'Wait' option does the screen ever load?

When I click Wait it will just repeat error message after a bit.  The phone works great in all other areas.   Would you want me to just UNinstall the program completely and then reinstalls as a "fresh" download instead of an Update?

I assume you did not have this issue with the release version you were using before updating to the beta, but please let me know if this is incorrect. Also, feel free to try it out with a fresh install of the beta after uninstalling it.

Yeah it working now, I was getting ready to uninstall the beta 2 but decided to "clear the Cache" first and see what happens. I did that and ta da. Once the Cache was cleaned, it completed the set up, ask me the registration questions and started the first scan. Problem solve - CLEAN THE CACHE.....Thanks for your help.

Hi, 4 months ago i bought the vipre from" hsn" and i installed on my phone Samsung galaxy s2, now all the time that i use my phone something came up like you have 5 ,8,or13 virus you need to download this or that.what do you think that i should do.

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