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Upgrade Subscription from Web Site

Will it be possible to upgrade or renew our subscriptions to premium from the website?  Right now, it appears we have to select the "Buy Premium" option on each protected device.  In a family with multiple members, we might not always have access to the devices that might be away at college, etc... I think it might be beneficial to have that option directly from the website.  

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Hi Michael,

One way to purchase a subscription is through the device's Buy Premium button. This is done through Google Wallet. However, you can also purchase a product key from and apply it to a device from the website, as well.

After purchasing from….

Applying a key(s) to an account:

First, go to

Input the product key, and click Next

On the Account Creation Screen, click “Already Have an Account? Click Here

Input your information including Email Address and the Password you registered with your free account previously and click Next


Applying a key to a specific device:

Go to the device that you have VIPRE Mobile Security installed on, open VIPRE, and tap Upgrade to Premium.


Login to your account

Click your username, on the top right, then My Account

Now, select the device you would like to apply the key to

Warm Regards,


Is my account still active?

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