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Update will not update

I keep getting a notice that mobile update is available but it will not update. The version shows I have Why do I keep getting the message and /or how do I stop getting it if it is in fact current?

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Im having the same problem. My version is also Once you click on updating it, a window comes up like from the Google Playstore asking to Uninstall or Open.  Nothing happens when you click Open.

Finally, a window comes up on my Samsung Galaxy 5 saying " Vipre Mobile Security has stopped"  All this takes for ever.  It seems to slow down the process to snail pace.  What's going on here?  Please help.

I emailed ThreatTrack Security and was told a new Support Account had been opened for me.  A link was sent to activate my account and set a password.  I couldn't even do that from my computer (I had given a different e-mail address that what I am using to get into my premium account.

I'm also having the same problem but when I go to the Google Play Store it asks me to deactivate my Vipre app and then gives me a message saying that my app is a device administrator and must be deactivated before uninstalling. Not sure what that means but nothing happens from then on it just sits on the Google page. If I select open it shows a splash screen with Ver across the bottom. I am running on a BB Priv.


Same problem here. I put in a heat ticket. We shall see ...

I'm also having the issue of not updating I've even tryed uninstall and then reinstall still the sam .

Same problem on a Sony Z3c & Android 5.1.1 and Vipre 

When I open MS Live Mail (email Client) a message comes on that Vipre has quit, but when I try to download email from the server to Live Mail Vipre comes back on and will not let my server download my email to Live Mail.  If I turn Vipre off, I can then download from the server and my email works just dandy. What goes?

I have a Kindle Fire HD 7 3rd Gen & it won't update either.  The version is

I have lifetime premium mobile security suite. I get notice to update, however keep getting a parsing error & cannot compete update. Please help.

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