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Simplify sender exceptions to guarantee email reciept (a truly GLOBAL list)

Currently we have Greylisting enabled as well as other antispam features. Therefore I have to perform several steps, in different locations, in order to ensure receipt of emails from a particular source (to any client destination):

a) Add the domain to the greylist exception text file 

b) Stop & restart the Vipre plug-in, 

c) Add the IP address of the sending email server to the “Excepted IP” list, 

d) Add the email domain to the “Global Rules” list 

e) For insurance, client users can also add the domain to their own “Allowed Senders” list (but this is probably redundant if the above are all in place) 

This is a clumsy process, especially if I need to add several each day. Sender exceptions needs to be streamlined to a single, TRULY GLOBAL exception list.

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