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Server is Busy - Switch or Retry error

Lately I've been getting an error during Vipre Small Office installs. It occurs I enter my license key and the program starts to download. About halfway through the process, a dialog box appears saying something along the lines of "The action cannot be completed because the server is busy/in use by another program. Please switch to that program or hit retry". Again, that is not verbatim but very close to what it says. It doesn't matter if hit "Switch" or "Retry" - all it does is briefly close the box and then it pops up again. The only way I got around it, so far, is to restart the computer. After restarting, Vipre is able to update definitions and seems to be functional. I've been usign Vipre for the past few years and only in the past week or so has this issue started popping up my my computers. Keep in mind these are factory restored machines, all update to date, and there are no other programs running at the time it occurs.

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