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within Viper accounts ability to manage products owned

Would like to have the ability to register in to my Viper account and do the following:

  a. see how many installs are left on each product I own by product key.

  b. the ability to disable an install so that it can be reused on a different computer, (example getting rid of a computer. ). 

I purchased a total of 8 installs 4 with a single key and 4 more with another. 

I have had other Major Name brand AV products that allow this Like Norton and Mcaffee.

Having to create a TICKET is not efficient and it is slow.

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how long is a life time prescription on vipre last

Gilbert, the PC lifetime licenses are no longer sold.  The ones we have had in the past had different expiration dates depending on when they were purchased.  If you would like to know when your subscription ends, you can simply open VIPRE and look on the Account page.  

my viper will not open to set runs  

i have a life viper account   please reply 

Elaine, if VIPRE is not opening, I'd suggest following this guide to run a repair on VIPRE:

How to Repair VIPRE

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