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Cannot run scan(cannot start Vipre engine)

I tried to start both the quick scan and full scan, but neither worked under both the condition of having and not having wifi. With wifi on, the page just kept loading; with wifi off, it said a scan cannot start without starting the viper engine, but I have done everything and do not know what to do no more. However, except the scans, everything else works perfectly. Please instruct and I will be really grateful.

Reference number: 102693438 & 102694389

I would try a different wi-fi network as the definitions updates are triggered when the scans are started and we do not have any current issues with our definitions updates failing. You can also enable scheduled scans which will trigger a definition update.

To enable scheduled scans:

1. Open VIPRE Mobile application and tap Antivirus

2. Enable the Scheduled Scans checkbox and then tap Scan Frequency

3. Choose either Daily or Weekly

4. A definitions update will be initiated with these scheduled scans

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