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what is the value of tech support that only works bankers HOURS ?

I am  more than shocked..  that you have no level of support  after 9 pm weekdays and NOTHING ON WEEKENDS >>>> 

  people do work  we do not all have access to   tech services during regular  working hours....

I guess you get what you pay for..  

After spending over one  HOUR trying to get my LIFETIME access  to install on my mobile phone .. none of the  worthless instruction function.. finally tried to call for HELP... " sorry .. we won't be back till MONDAY "...


I have checked on your existing ticket and we will have a technician follow up to ensure we resolve any outstanding issues you may be having. With VIPRE Mobile license keys, once you have claimed the key the first time, it is now attached to the email address you used when you created your account, and in this case it would be your address. When you're adding VIPRE Mobile to additional devices, you do not need to claim the key again as it will produce an error. You just need to log in with the email address and password you set up, and it will allow you to add additional devices without error.

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