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updating viper

if I change the product key on my existing viper will it be automatically updated to the latest  2017 version?, without having to download it as there is a problem with  installing it at the last minute.


You will need to download the latest version of the product in order to update to 2017. The product key does not have an effect on the software version that is installed on the  computer. What kind of problems are you having with the update?

I have tried several times to download the latest version, but just before it installs it stops and the message says "there is a problem viper installation cannot continue".

Please try to run the update from the following link and let me know if it continues to give you an error:

VIPRE Advanced Security -

I would recommend giving our support group a call if you are not able to update using the link above. We have about a 10 minute wait at this time, and we can be reached at 1 (800) 673-1161.

Vipre not updating and not scanning of course also noted Antivirus AAP off, EP off & HTA off starting apparently 10/19/2021?

Lawrence, I'd suggest following this guide to troubleshoot the definitions failing to update:

Definition Updates Fail 

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