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Advanced Spam Filter in Error state

Hi guys,

I have an open ticket with Vipre Support, but unfortunately they're asleep at the moment (we're in New Zealand, they're in Florida) so wondering if anyone else knows how to fix the Advanced Spam Filter when it is in an error state.

I have hit Update Now a dozen times, restarted all the services, and rebooted the Exchange Server. Nothing has fixed this issue.

Looking at the Vipre install folder I see that the files named SpamCure have all been written to today but showing a size of 0KB.

Anyone have any ideas other than a full uninstall and re-install?

Seemed to be a server outage and has resolved itself overnight. We have also updated to version

The same issue has happened again.

Issue appears to have been intermittent and resolved itself after some time

It may be intermittent but it has happened 5 times now and we need a resolution. The SpamCure.dat file goes to 0KB while in the Error state. Logs show that it is still "successful" in scanning even though it has no definitions file.

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