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Slow definition update - or no update (mentioned in some other threads)

This has been previous mentioned, but I haven't seen the question directly answered (or maybe I just missed the solution).

Windows 7 Pro, running Vipre Advanced Security current version (not beta) and it takes days to update the definitions (or even gets the "definitions out-of-date" warning).

I noticed (again today) that on my main laptop that my definitions were from 2/12 (today is 2/15), while the other PCs on the network have 2/15/19 9:20AM definitions.

Currently to resolve the problem (Vipre will not update the definitions in the UI-Manage section or manually re-apply), I just shut down Vipre from the tray pop-up menu, wait for all the Windows warnings to pass, then restart Vipre and let it find the current definitions and clear out the Windows Action Center messages.

And occasionally (it's happened twice in the last 6 months), I get the Vipre red shield and have the restart the service then application.

Any suggestions?

Win 7 Pro (32-bit)

Vipre, engine 3.9.2671.2-3.0

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Can't come soon enough.  I'm getting the definitions out of date message now on the 3rd day after shutting down and starting Vipre up again.  Annoying to say the least!

The update is currently scheduled to be released a week from today; however, that could always change. As Nick stated, the current beta version is the same version that we are planning to release. If you want to get a jump on it and get the software install before the release in a week (or more) follow Nick's instructions.

If you do install the beta, after the update, be sure to make sure the "Install beta update" option is unchecked if you do not want to install future betas.

I updated to the beta (ver on Friday evening and the updates did not stall and kept pace with my 2 times a day settings. But I just got a red-shield today and had to reboot my laptop to continue. I couldn't restart the SBAMsvc.exe services from the tray icon, I had to reboot.

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