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Warning! Exchange 2013 CU23 compatibility

Heads up to Exchange sys admins..


I brought my Exchange 2013 up to date with the latest CU23 last weekend.


Subsequently spam filtering no longer worked so all spam was delivered to the users’ inboxes. I have had 80+ very annoyed users this week!


So far TT support have not been very helpful...


Fortunately, one of our senior devs has been good enough to spend some time investigating it for me and worked out a temporary fix.





Edit or add a new key: DisableLoopbackCheck (DWORD)


Set the value to 1


This disables the loopback check (local authentication works), 0 (local authentication is not allowed).



After creating the Reg key I bounced the Exchange Transport service and VPX Plugin Mgr service.


You can validate success by using this free email security checker


Spam is now going into Quarantine again.


It’s not all good news though…


This is not a recommended long-term fix because of the security compromise so I still need to pursue either a fix from TT or work out if it's possible to reference the Exchange differently in the VPX config e.g. by IP address.

Thank you for sharing this Matthew, some invaluable information. Threattrack have the worst support record of all of our vendors; I can see the latest version is - do you know if the problem persists with this version?

I've heard nothing more since this on 18th July...


Hello Maltbym,


I have been updated with this issue that it is in fact a known bug. My apologies for misdirecting you to submit a feature request. We will go ahead and close out the submitted feature request and handle the issue properly by escalating this case to development. As mentioned in my voicemail when I tried to contact you on the phone, there is no ETA of this fix at the moment but our development is currently working on the issue. You should get an update once the fix becomes available.


Totally unacceptable to leave me high and dry with a core part of the product no longer working. I wonder how many thousands of spam emails I would have delivered since? And I'm supposed to suck that up with no idea of when a fix might be available, any help in a workaround, any suggestion of an alternative TT product perhaps?

I have subsequently refused my 90 seat renewal due in November and am in the process of commissioning a Barracuda Email Security Gateway. I'm unlikely to bother investigating VPX

Over the years that I have used VPX I would say more often than not I have had to figure out what has gone wrong and affect my own fix or workaround. Rarely has support been quick or effective.

I still use VIPRE AV for my desktops but might just consider a change there too, seeing as my toys are already out of the pram!

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Your experience mirrors our own; we have just ripped VIPRE AV Enterprise off our desktops, and replaced it with Sophos Intercept X Advanced, and are also reviewing Barracuda's Appliance vs. Virtual offerings.

It's clear TT lack appropriate development resources, and their support staff have no empathy for their customers. I've always maintained VIPRE Email had great potential, but we've had enough, and won't renew Email security after our current license expires.

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