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Couple, Windows 10 deleted my Vipre...

I read that all I have to do is to reinstall, that uses one of my protections.  I've already had to use a couple with rebuilding a couple computers.

I'm guessing that Vipre didn't upgrade.  True/False. 

How do I keep from using one of my downloads?

And how do I know the other computers are safe and upgraded?


We can tell if it's the same computer when reinstalling and allow for this.  You shouldn't have any problem with this. 

VIPRE will automatically check for updates and notify you if one is available.  If you'd like to verify that VIPRE is up to date, simply open VIPRE and go to the Manage section.  Click Updates on the left then scroll to the bottom of this page.  Under the Software Updates section, click Check Now.  

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