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Install after hard drive rebuild stays trial version

I had to rebuild my laptop on a new hard drive with Windows 10. I've updated Win10 to the latest and I downloaded Vipre Advanced Security to install on my laptop. I have a 10 user license. After I install Vipre, I paste in my license key, but Vipre stays as a trial version. I've installed and uninstalled several times but it doesn't change. After 15 days Vipre gives the choice to purchase, even though it shows a green check on the code.

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Steve, it appears your product key had been automatically disabled due to exceeding the registration limit over time.  I've reset the key for you so it should be working correctly again.  

Great, thanks for your help.

Is there somewhere that I can go to check the registration info?

Steve, open VIPRE and go to the Account page.  This should update automatically but if it hasn't yet, you can click the Refresh button to force it to check for an update.  

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