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adding SuperAntiSpyware Pro ok?/Ebay issues

Have really had no big problems with Vipre.I would like to add additional malware protection for realtime scanning,namely SuperAntispyware Pro version.For a number of reasons,I do not care for Malwarebytes.

If OK to add,would I need to update Vipre firewall to allow the program?

Reason for additional protection is ebay! EVERYTIME I sell/buy?there is China lurking.Never fails.I manually have to do the registry et al to get them out.I complained and ebay says forget it.They have better hacking than we do.Ebay is unable to completely block them.

additional info: I also use,on demand only,old HJT and Revo uninstaller.Free versions.Both are great.

Thank you for your assistance.


It's never suggested to have more than one Active Protection running at the same time.  This can cause instability and severe performance issues, as well as actually lower your protection.  

Thank you.Vipre is only active program.I do run the other 2 on demand only.What do I do about recurrent problem on ebay?it is not 100% of the time,but the percentage is too significant to ignore.Hackware they use are mostly worms. I manage to find them but it is tedious as I do it manually:key registry et al.

Without more information about what exactly you're referring to, it's difficult to give any specific recommendations.  If at some point you believe there is malware on the system that VIPRE is not detecting, you can contact our Support team for assistance.  

I have the lifetime version of VIPRE and am very happy with it. All my friends and family are pleased with it as well. Do you have an anti-spyware program to go with it?

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