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Client Renewal cost transparency

Again this year I am dealing with Vipre's Auto-renewal and the company's failure to implement a customer friendly and transparent renewal system.  It is an indication that the Sales/Marketing has taken advantage of a Technically focused Executive Management team.

  • First of all, returning customers have to convenient path to changing or upgrading their existing subscription
  • Secondly, it appears that a customer can purchase any product for a lesser cost by cancelling my current subscription on or before renewal date by leveraging NEW customer offers or coupons for a substantially better rate
I'd hate to be blunt but this appears to be a conscious and underhanded Marketing decision to take advantage of client trust (Auto-renewal) to increase sales at premium prices.  Whether this is true or not it is very distasteful and neglects respect and loyalty for existing customers. 

I suggest an ethical Executive business review of Marketing and Sales policies is in order for Vipre. The reputational perception you leave with existing customers who do not blindly renew and do take the time to expose this process for what it is may indeed impact your company's bottom line in due course.

Please change your renewal/upgrade policies to ones that promote customer retention, transparency and best pricing practices.
Thank you.

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