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My Vipre Wifi Shield is Incompatible on My Computer, But It Wasn't When I Downloaded It

My Vipre Wi-Fi Shield hasn't been working for approximately a year now. Whenever I turn on my computer, the Wi-Fi Shield would try to turn itself, but then it would shut down while checking the Wi-Fi connection. I eventually went to the troubleshooter (and also checked compatibility after some Googling), and it said that my (alongside my mom's) Wi-Fi Shield isn't compatible with our computers. I tried to change the compatibility settings by using the compatibility troubleshooter, but no matter what I changed it to, it never seemed to work. I'm unsure of what I can do to fix it. Is there any way to make Vipre compatible with my computer?

Thank you.

Just to note: I mean it was compatible when it was first downloaded, but it is no longer compatible.

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