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CLOSED BETA | VIPRE Advanced Security | VIPRE Antivirus Plus 11.0.6 - July 2021

Release Notes for VIPRE Home Beta 2 - July 1, 2021

Product release information for VIPRE Advanced Security | VIPRE Antivirus Plus version 11.0.6 Beta 2 on July 1, 2021.

What's New

Welcome and thank you for participating in the beta program. As a beta-tester, you're helping us make sure the latest versions work as intended. 

Advanced Security

Antivirus Plus

This latest beta release of VIPRE includes a substantial upgrade of our Active Protection allowing for increased protection and performance. We've also enhanced product hardening in order to improve service protection, adding registry keys, and file protection.

Gaming Mode

Finally, we've added an exciting new feature called Gaming Mode that prevents VIPRE from running any resource-intensive background activity, such as file scans, patch scans, or update operations. That way, video games. or any other resource-heavy application, you may be using can use as many resources as necessary to provide an optimal experience.

Refer to Related Articles for full details including how to enable and configure Gaming Mode.

System Requirements

Product or ComponentMinimum Requirement
Operating System
  • Windows 10* (All Versions)
  • Windows 8.1*
  • Windows 7* (Convenience Rollup)

*32-bit or 64-bit versions

  • 2GB of hard drive space
  • 1GB RAM
  • Dual-core processor
  • Internet connection (Broadband recommended)
Email Clients
  • Microsoft Outlook 2019
  • Microsoft Outlook 2016
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 Service Pack 1
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft  Outlook 2007 Service Pack 3

Fixed in this Release

  • VIPREHOME-2217 - Manually applying updates doesn't populate the Definition Updates under Update History
  • VIPREHOME-7618 - Logging info screen contains incorrect log location information
  • VIPREHOME-7910 - VIPRE User Interface (UI) - Clicking the Support Center link will crash the UI if no default browser is set
  • VIPREHOME-9350 - VIPREUI.exe has high CPU usage during a scan
  • VIPREHOME-9672 - InstallVIPRE error, failed to launch help when pressing F1
  • VIPREHOME-9985 - Service not installed after update
  • VIPREHOME-10900 - "Allowed websites" lists are cleaned up when Active Protection + Web filtering is OFF and restored twice
  • VIPREHOME-11011 - Custom Manual scan requires scanning inside archived enabled as the default
  • VIPREHOME-11064 - Fixed InstallVIPRE End User License Agreement dialog text
  • VIPREHOME-11065 - We need to fix the "Print the license agreement" link
  • VIPREHOME-11496 - Scan and Definition update are executed at the same time
  • VIPREHOME-11730 - VIPRE Setup stuck on 'performing first scan' status
  • VIPREHOME-11836 - When Automatic Updates is off, VIPRE Advanced Security still checks for definitions after startup
  • VIPREHOME-11887 - Restore Antivirus Defaults is not re-enabling Active Protection when some of sub-settings customized
  • VIPREHOME-11890 - WebFilter is reporting errors in VIPRE Advanced Security logs
  • VIPREHOME-11893 - Microsoft Edge as a default known app in our FW rules
  • VIPREHOME-11939 - Using CTRL+V to apply license will cause UI to crash
  • VIPREHOME-12121 - Symlink delete vulnerability 
  • VIPREHOME-12194 - No limit to how many times the installer will ask for a reboot when installation fails
  • VIPREHOME-12205 - Windows Security Center in Windows 10 is showing two entries for VIPRE Advanced Security after software update
  • VIPREHOME-12212 - Software upgrade has error code 1603 but the upgrade is still successful
  • VIPREHOME-12216 - App was crashing when using an expired product key
  • VIPREHOME-12229 - Installer gets stuck during install or update
  • VIPREHOME-12282 - Firewall rule of Microsoft Edge has different path from current path of msedge.exe
  • VIPREHOME-12283 -  App crashing with access violation code c0000005
  • VIPREHOME-12261 - 10 character limit and period not recognized
  • VIPREHOME-12368 - VIPRE crashes when an action is performed on quarantined files with long pathname
  • VIPREHOME-12354 - Shutdown dialog is triggered when cancelling an ongoing scheduled scan that shuts down the computer
  • VIPREHOME-12346 - VIPRE Antivirus state not detected by Windows Security Center due to force disabling of ViprePPLSvc in Windows registry
  • VIPREHOME-12341 - On/Off switch may get stuck in the wrong position or color, showing as Green/On when it's actually turned off
  • VIPREHOME-12045 - Out of date threat links

Providing Feedback

While using VIPRE v11.0.6 Beta 2 , do you notice any errors, or is everything running smoothly? Your feedback as a beta tester is invaluable to the development process. Whether you love it or hate it, we want to hear from you. 

You can contact us on our Beta Program Forums or via email at Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Subject Line: VIPRE Advanced Security  or VIPRE Antivirus Plus v11.0.6 Beta 2
  • Feedback


The Outlook Add Ins shows its there,  Load at startup, And checked, but wont open. (different desktop, Outlook 2013/ Win7))

Anyone else using outlook?

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

John, are you expecting to see a toolbar or visual display of the add-in in Outlook?  You would actually manage this within VIPRE, not in Outlook.  There is nothing displayed in Outlook related to the add-in and nothing to open.  

So what you’re saying is, I’d have to copy and paste each individual spam email into my filter?
Yes, I was expecting to see it on my Outlook “toolbar”

John, that's correct.  You would need to manage this within VIPRE itself.  There isn't a toolbar within Outlook.  

VIPRE Antivirus Plus and VIPRE Advanced Security Betas are now closed as we have made the release public for new installation and in-app updates. We will pushed the update notifications on another date. 

Sweet. Thanks all

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