Note: This document refers to a single product by two different names. 
  • VIPRE Email Security for Exchange (up to version 4.5)
  • VIPRE Email Security - Server Edition (after version 4.5)

Back up existing Settings and Rules:

      Note: Backing up your settings is optional, but highly recommended

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Email Security   (default location)
  2. Make a copy of the Settings folder and keep it in a safe place
  3. Export any custom rules with the steps in this article:

Identify the PIM Service Account and Password:
  1. Open services.msc and locate VIPRE Email Security Plugin Manager
  2. Right Click the service and open Properties
  3. Select the Log On tab
  4. Copy the Account Name used for the service
  5. Note: If the password is not known, reset it in Active Directory then update it in the service properties and restart the service
  6. Verify that this account is not assigned Domain Administrator rights
  7. If the service account is a Domain Administrator, create a new service account

Creating a new Service account:
      Note: Only create a new service account if the previous section requires it
  1. Create an Active Directory User Account to use for Impersonation
  2. Ensure this is a Standard Domain User (Not an Exchange admin or Domain Admin)
  3. Set the Password to Never Expire
  4. Set Account to never expire
  5. Account name and password will be requested during the initial install and when upgrading the software

Unregistering VIPRE Email Security:

Prior to upgrading VIPRE Email Security's, the Transport Agents should be unregistered.

Note: This will briefly interrupt mailflow as it restarts the Micosoft Exchange Transport service
  1. Open VIPRE Email Security's Console
  2. Expand Settings and open Agents 
  3. Select Unregister and allow the process to complete
  4. Close the Console

Upgrading VIPRE Email Security:
Important: Do not proceed until credentials for VIPRE service account are ready
  1. Download and run the installation file:
  2. When prompted to enter account credentials, use the collected service account information from above steps
  3. Enter the account in the form of domainname\accountname
  4. Choose Yes if prompted to make changes to the account
  5. If any other errors are displayed, please Contact Support

Registering VIPRE Email Security:
Note: This will briefly interrupt mailflow
  1. Open VIPRE Email Security's Console
  2. Expand Settings and open Agents 
  3. Select Register and allow the process to complete

VIPRE Email Security should now be running the latest software version.

 For any questions or concerns, please Contact ThreatTrack Support