The 'Not Communicating' status indicates that the VIPRE Business console as not received several hello calls in a row from the VIPRE agent. The intervals are specified by the administrator in the VIPRE policy. This threshold is controlled via the Mark agents as inactive after no contact in minutes setting in the Site Service Settings branch of the agent's policy.

By default, VIPRE Business Policy is sets the agent heartbeat status to 5 minutes with the inactive time or 15 minutes. If the agent exceeds this time frame without sending a hello call to the server, the status in the agent catalog changes to 'Not Communicating'.

It's important to understand that a not communicating agent does not necessarily mean the agent is not working. This status serves to inform administrators that an agent has not sent a hello call back within a certain time and may require investigation.

An agent in 'Not Communicating' status differs from one in 'Agent Shutdown' status. When the agent service is gracefully shut down, it sends one last hello call back to the VIPRE business server. Basically, this last hello calls says, "I'm shutting down now, mark my status as Agent Shutdown". A graceful service shutdown is defined as a request from the Service Control Manager that stops the service, either through manual intervention or when a system performs a graceful shutdown.

On the other hand, there are certain conditions that will cause an interruption in agent communication without a graceful service shutdown being invoked.

Common Scenarios:

  • When a policy is configured to run in power save mode, and a notebook is disconnected from AC power (Hello calls are suspended during this time)
  • When a user is connecting via a VPN tunnel and they disconnect the VPN connection.
  • When a user connecting via a wireless connection is disconnected
  • When a machine goes into low power/standby mode
  • In rare occasions, if the agent service terminates unexpectedly
  • The IP of the VIPRE Business Server is changed before notifying the agents

These are other environmental factors that you should investigate if you're troubleshooting problems with not communicating agents. Before adjusting the time interval field, it's important that you've optimally configured the Agent status heartbeat status field for each policy using the formula:

Total # of agents / 120

Once this field has been set, you must now set the Mark agents as inactive after no contact in minutes field using the formula:

Heartbeat value * 3

The not communicating threshold appears in the console under Policy Properties > Communication.