VIPRE Search Guard is a new feature in VIPRE Antivirus 2014+ and VIPRE Internet Security 2014+. During setup, the VIPRE Search Guard Toolbar add-on is installed for Internet Explorer. IE version 8 and newer is recommended for proper operation.

This add-on is not compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or other web browsers.  It is only compatible with Internet Explorer

The first time Internet explorer is opened after installing VIPRE 2014+, you will receive a prompt to enable the "VIPRE Search Guard Toolbar" add-on. Once enabled the VIPRE toolbar will appear on the top of the webpage.

When a search is performed on a major search website such as, or, the list of results will contain different badges. These badges indicate that VIPRE Search Guard has checked the particular search result.

Most search results will have a green badge, with a checkmark inside of the VIPRE shield. This badge indicates that the website referenced is not listed in the list of "known bad" websites that VIPRE maintains. This list is updated several times a day to respond to fast moving malware that hijacks websites.

Occasionally, a red badge will be shown, with an X inside a solid red shield. This indicates that the particular search result does appear on the "known bad" list and that you should use caution.

Here is an example of search results on Google:

If you click a link with the red shield you will get a blocked website page. Below are two different samples depending on what VIPRE software is installed on your PC.

  • VIPRE Antivirus - It is strongly recommended that you do not continue to the site, as there is no additional web filtering protection available in the VIPRE Antivirus product. It is recommended that you choose the "Close and go back" button to return to the previous page. However , should you choose, there is a "Continue to site (not recommended)" option. 

  • VIPRE Internet Security - To continue to the site, you will have to add an exception by following the instructions indicated.