Trouble with VIPRE Email Security's Antivirus Definitions causing files to build in the following location: 
C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Email Security\Temp\Dump\ (Default)


  • VIPRE Email Security for Exchange
  • All Supported Environments


Purge and Re-download VIPRE Email Security's Antivirus Definitions:
Note: This will temporarily interrupt mailflow
  1. Stop the following services:
    • VIPRE Email Security Plugin Manager Service
    • VIPRE Email Security Updates Service
    • VIPRE Email Security Store Scanner Service (Legacy Exchange)
  2. Navigate to VIPRE Email Security's Installation Directory
  3. Purge the contents of the "VIPREDefs" folder
  4. Start the previously stopped services
  5. Open VIPRE Email Security's Console
  6. Goto: Settings > Updates & Licensing > Updates (Tab)
  7. Select Update Now and allow the definitions to download

If the trouble persists after the process is complete, please Contact Support


Corrupt Antivirus Definition Files causing the Antivirus Engine to crash while scanning files.