If needed, a VIPRE Business Agent is able to scans & update definitions from Command Prompt. 

Typically, these commands are used in Safemode, as the Agent's User Interface is unavailable.

Using a VIPRE Agent's SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe

  1. Open an Administrative Command Prompt
  2. Change Directory to the VIPRE Agent's Install Directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Business Agent\ (Other OS/Version Locations)
  3. Enter "SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe" followed by a valid parameter (listed below)

Valid Command Line Scanner Parameters:

  • /ApplyDefs [PathToDefsFile(Applies Specified Definition File)
    Note: Click Here to Download Definitions Manually
  • /DisplayLocalDefVersion (Displays the Current Definition Version)
  • /DisplayVIPREVersion (Displays the VIPRE Agent's Software Version)
  • /DisplaySDKVersion (Displays the Current SDK Version)
  • /DisplayLastScanTime (Displays the last scan date and time)
  • /DisplayLastScanResult (Displays the last scan result)
  • /EnableAP (Enables Active Protection)
  • /ScanNowQuick (Start a Quick Scan)
  • /ScanNowDeep (Start a Deep Scan)
  • /ScanFile (Starts a File Scan)
  • /EnableFW (Enables Firewall)
  • /nr (No Remediation option for quick scan or full scan)
  • e.g. /scannowfull /nr       - starts a FULL scan with no remediation

Common Usage Examples:

Example Commands to Run a Deep Scan:
  1. CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Business Agent\"
  2. SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe /ScanNowDeep

Example Commands to Update Definitions Manually:
  1. CD "C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Business Agent\"
  2. SBAMCommandLineScanner.exe /ApplyDefs [C:\Temp\CSE39-EN-12345-F.SBR.SGN]

For any Questions or Concerns, please Contact Support.