Sometimes the VIPRE Business Agent's definitions will become corrupt and may cause issues. These issues can be resolved by purging and repopulating the definitions.

Purging Business Agent Definitions

  1. Close the Agent UI 
  2. Stop the SBRecovery Service
  3. Stop the VIPRE Business Agent service. From the main console, send a "Shutdown Agent" command to this machine.
  4. Purge the contents of the following folders:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Business Agent\Definitions\ (Other OS/Version Locations)
    • C:\Programdata\VIPRE Business Agent\Downloads\
  5. Start the SBRecovery Service
  6. Start the VIPRE Business Agent service
  7. Confirm in the Console that the Agent is updating it's definitions

Note: If further Definition update attempts fail, please Contact Support