VIPRE Business can utilize multiple Update Servers in larger environments to more effectively distribute network traffic.

First, install the Console on the intended Update Server:

(Ensure Agents that will use this server can communicate prior to setup.)
  1. Download and run the appropriate installation file for your version of VIPRE:
  2. Continue through the Install Wizard until you reach "Select Features"
  3. Select "Full Installation" and finish the wizard.
  4. Run through and finish the Setup Wizard as prompted

On the Original Console, the Policy that will utilize this Update Server needs to be modified:

  1. Open the Original VIPRE Business Console
  2. Right Click the Intended Policy and select "Properties"
  3. Navigate to "Communication" on the Left
  4. Change the Update Server to the address of the newly installed Console
  5. Select Apply and then OK

After these steps are completed, the Agents in the altered Policy will look to the newly installed Update Server for their Definitions and Software Updates.

Important: Once the setup is complete, DO NOT deploy Agents from the Update Server. No moderation will be done from it's Console and the Site Manager is not used for any reason.

Note:If you're using VIPRE Business Premium and use have any Standard Agents installed, use the information in the article below to ensure the Standard Agent's software updates are downloaded:

 How to Deploy Standard Agents from the VIPRE Premium Console