A Remote Management Console can be used to remotely moderate a VIPRE Server.

  1. Download and run the appropriate Installation File for your version of VIPRE:
  2. Continue through the Install Wizard until you reach "Select Features"
  3. Select "VIPRE Business Admin Console and Report Viewer" and finish the installation
  4. Open the Console and navigate to: File > Site Manager
  5. Select "Add" and enter the address of the target VIPRE Business Console
  6. Leave the port set to "18088" unless otherwise specified on the Target system
  7. Enter a User Account if the currently logged in user's credentials aren't acceptable
  8. Select OK to close the Site Manager and select the blue Site Properties button
  9. Enter the License Key to ensure this console can download definitions and software

The Site Navigator will populate with the Policies and Agent from the original Console's environment and can now be administered from this location.

Note: A remote console can only connect to other consoles of the exact same version.

Note: If the Remote Console is on a separate network, port 18088 may need forwarding to the Target Console.