The VIPRE Agent service will not stay started and has stopped updating in the Console.

The following errors may be present in the EnterpriseAgent log file:

EnterpriseAgent::ReportAgentFirewallStats: The agent has not successfully said hello yet. Returning from ReportAgentFirewallStats().
EnterpriseServicesProxy::Hello: m_PolicyService.VpeHello failed, hr=0x80004005, SOAP Client error 5. Retrying call with the last known good

EnterpriseServicesProxy::HasExceededContactFailureLimit: Contact failure limit exceeded. Last contact **/**/****12:00:00 PM
Authentication failure limit exceeded.  Last authentication **/**/**** 12:00:00 PM

Note:The EnterpriseAgent.csv log(s) can be located in the Agent's Volatile Data folder: 


  • VIPRE Business
  • VIPRE Business Premium
  • VIPRE Endpoint Security
  • All Supported Environments


Click Here to confirm correct communication information and connectivity.

Once this is complete, ensure the Agent is utilizing the correct information:
  1. Stop the VIPRE Business service if it isn't already stopped
    Note: Version 10 agents cannot have their service stopped directly. Change the Start Type of the SBAMSvc service to "Disabled" and then reboot the system.
  2. Navigate to the Agent's Volatile Data folder:
  3. Delete Agentsettings.xml and Policy.xml
  4. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to the appropriate key for your OS:
    • x86: HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ SBAMSvc
    • x64: HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Wow6432Node \ SBAMSvc
  5. Ensure PolicyServiceMachineName matches the Policy's Communication section
  6. Start the VIPRE Business service back up and the two cleared files should repopulate

If the Agent does not call into the Console after these steps, please Contact Support


An Agent is either not using the correct communication information or the Console is not accessible over port 18082 (Default)