Prior to updating, It's recommended to create a backup of VIPRE's Database.
The process is outlined below:

How to Backup a VIPRE Business Database

After this, ensure the current Console is running the highest release of it's version by running the appropriate installer below:

Once the console is running the highest release of it's version, update the console to version 5.0.4959:

Now that the console has been updated to version 5, the update to the newest version is available. Click on the download link below to start the update process for your version of VIPRE Business:

(Ensure the VIPRE Business Console is closed prior to running the update)
Note: Consoles can upgrade to another product type by running that product installer. Downgrades are not supported.

Note: Database Migration may take some time depending on it's size. Canceling the wizard can result in data loss.

Important:VIPRE Business 6 is only available in English at this time. If running an Italian or German version of VIPRE, the installation will be upgraded to English.

SQL Database Upgrade Process: (Informational Purposes Only)

Phase 1: The old database is renamed "VIPRE_4.0_old" and a new database named VIPRE is created
Phase 2: The Site Configuration & Policy Settings are migrated
Phase 3: The Reporting & Quarantine data is migrated
Phase 4: The old database is detached from SQL (Data files are left as a backup)