The Network Intrusion Detection System (IDS) inside of the VIPRE Business Firewall can periodically block a known-good program or service. 

The IDS looks for infection-like behavior and different programs may exhibit these characteristics. With this in mind, IDS is able to exclude any of these specific behaviors should the check cause a false positive.

Determining which IDS Rule is being triggered:

  1. Ensure the Agent's tray icon is enabled
  2. Attempt to run or connect the software/service having trouble
  3. Take note of the Rule ID from the Intrusion Attempt popups

Allowing the IDS rule in the VIPRE Business Console:
  1. Right-click the target policy and select "Properties"
  2. Expand "Firewall" and "Basic Firewall Protection" then select Intrusion Detection System
  3. Locate and highlight the previously noted Rule ID
  4. Uncheck "Enabled", select Apply and then OK

The Intrusion Detection rule being triggered should now be disabled and any programs or services previously being blocked should operate normally.

Note: Click Here if you need to exclude a file/folder from Active Protection and Scans