A Website added to VIPRE's Allowed Website List with a Policy is still blocked by Browser Protection.


  • VIPRE Business Premium
  • VIPRE Endpoint Security


There are two situations normally causing this trouble with VIPRE's Browser Protection:

A Conflicting Content Filter is running:
If another content filter is running, VIPRE's Browser Protection will not be able to function correctly.
Please ensure that all other products with this function are removed and the issue should be resolved.

End-users have been given the ability to manage VIPRE's Browser Protection:
End users have been granted rights to manage Browser Protection in the agent's policy settings.
If this is the case, any changes made to the Browser Protection after the Agent was installed will not be reflected on systems assigned to this policy until user control is disabled.

Note: VIPRE's Browser Protection only monitors traffic on port 80


A conflicting content filter is being used or the End User was given control over Browser Protection. 

Should the issue persist, please Contact Support