Below are the steps on How to install VIPRE Password Vault on Android and iOS devices: 

  1. Open the Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS and search for VIPRE Password Vault
  2. Tap on VIPRE Password Vault and tap Install and Accept the app permission. 

If this is your first time installing VIPRE Password Vault, create a new account by:

  1. Opening the program and tapping Create New

  1. Create VaultID using your email address
  2. Tap Create Account
  3. For Android devices with license key, follow steps below to register. Please note that iOS devices have no capability of registering from within the app itself, but you can register VIPRE Password Vault from the MyVault Account website or from the VIPRE Password Vault Interface on your PC. Click here for detailed steps on How to Register 
    • Tap “I have a License Key” and enter your key, then tap Activate. Otherwise,
    • Tap Continue 

  1. Create a Master Password (DO NOT FORGET THE MASTER PASSWORD)

  1. Customize your settings to fit what suits you best.