Trusted Devices can be accessed from the main page of your My Vault AccountIt displays all devices linked to your VIPRE Password Vault, date and time it was granted access. This is also helpful in case of theft or lost of the trusted device. To Manage your Trusted Devices see steps bellow:

Note: Adding a new device to your My Vault Account is included in the installation process of VIPRE Password Vault 


  • To rename a device click the pencil icon and Apply the changes on the 'Change Device Name' pop-up window
  • To remove a device click the Remove device button and confirm action on the 'Device Removal' pop-up window

  • Device authorization policy depends on your authorization setting which can be accessed under Settings Tab on your My Vault Account

  1. Authorize any device: This is selected by default. Any device/browser with the correct Vault Account credentials may synchronize with your database and or access your Vault Account. No secondary authentication is required.
  2. One-time PIN: This is used if you want a secondary authentication when adding a device. If this option is selected, you will be emailed with a PIN
  3. No new devices: Choose this option if you do not wish to allow any new devices connected to your Vault Account