VIPRE Password Vault can save Bookmarks (accounts without log-in). It can be created directly or imported from a browser. Below are two different ways on how to add a Bookmark.

Choose a topic to display the message:

  • VIPRE Password Vault Interface

    1. Open VIPRE Password Vault Interface, select Bookmarks tab and highlight the group you want your new bookmark under. Click Add Bookmark button or click Menu > Add > Bookmark

  • Under the New Bookmark window, add the name of your bookmark and corresponding website address you want bookmarked and click Add button when done.

  • VIPRE Password Vault  Caption button

    1. Access the web page that you want bookmarked and click the VIPRE Password Vault Caption button. Select Bookmark > Bookmark this page

  • You can edit your bookmark title by double clicking the title bar to enable text edit, add the corresponding web address and click Add button when done.