Identities are a tool for auto-filling web forms. Data can be saved in several Identities and used to fill in items when needed:


  • name, address lines, gender, birth date and place
  • phone number, email, skype name, ICQ no.
  • credit card information, ...

Follow steps below to add/edit an Identity:
  1. You can add Identity from the main VIPRE Password Vault interface, Settings and Identities tab.

  1. On the New Identity window, name your Identity on the box provided and start filling out the form accordingly and click the Add button when done.

  1. To edit an Identity, select Identities tab  from the main interface and select the Identity you want to edit and click the pencil icon to edit. 

  1.  Make the necessary changes and click the Save button when done

Sample on how to use an Identity: Click the VIPRE Password Vault caption button select Identities and choose what Identity you want to use to auto-fill your form.