Below are possible causes on why Active Protection is turned off or in error. Select a topic to display the steps to resolve this issue. 

  • Subscription is not valid

  • Without a valid subscription, Active Protection will not turn on. If this is the case, register your VIPRE. Click this link for detailed instructions: How to Register VIPRE

  • Definitions have not been applied

    Check your definitions version if it is up-to-date otherwise, update to the latest definitions. Once the definitions have been downloaded and applied, Active Protection will automatically turn itself on. Click this link: How to check for Definitions update.

  • Conflicting Antivirus

  • In many cases, there can be conflicts when another antivirus is installed or traces of the software still exists. If you were previously running another antivirus software such as: 
    • Avast
    • AVG
    • Bit Defender
    • Kaspersky
    • McAfee
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
    • Symantec/Norton

    Contact the vendor and request a removal tool. Download and run the tool to allow VIPRE to run effectively. A list of common locations to find removal tools can also be found here: How to remove existing antivirus program.  

  • Corrupt Windows Operating System Files

    Windows related system problems could be causing problems that are interfering with the load up process of VIPRE. Corrupt or damaged Windows files can cause this. Running the System File Checker can resolve many of these problems and bring VIPRE back into a working state.

    To Start the System File Checker: 
    1. Open a Command Prompt window by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt (Be sure to right click and select Run as Administrator on Windows Vista, 7 & 8)
    2. Type SFC /Scannow and press enter
    3. The System File Checker will run and repair damaged system files. For Windows XP, a prompt requesting an operating system disc may appear. Put the  disc into your disk drive and click OK to any prompts that come up. Once the System File Checker  scan is completed and repairs are made, attempt to start the VIPRE Active Protection again.

  • Error @Driver version mismatch in SBAMSvc.log

    This error indicates that the driver version for active protection does not match the software version of VIPRE and is not compatible. to fix this, the driver must be deleted and VIPRE must be repaired.
    1. Navigate to C:\Windows \System32\Drivers
    2. Locate the driver file sbapifs.sys
    3. Delete the driver file and reboot the machine. VIPRE will automatically replace the file during the start up process.