Release Information:

  • Product: VIPRE Business (Standard & Premium)
  • Version: Management Console
  • Released: September 19th, 2014


  • Addition of the VIPRE's Roaming Service (What is this?)
  • Automatic Policy Assignment by System Type (Server/Workstation/Laptop)
  • Abilty to Password Protect Agent Uninstallation
  • Unprotected Computer Improvements:
    • Ability to detect VIPRE Agents contacting other Consoles
    • Ability to Remove unwanted systems from the list


  • "Randomized scan schedule" not impacting Agent scan times
  • "Update definitions before scan" not working with scheduled Quick Scans
  • "Windows Agent not scanning by policy" showing iOS policies
  • "Windows Agent not scanning by policy" showing Android policies
  • Date installed is not accurate for various products in applied patches detail report
  • Logged in user column is not being updated correctly
  • Patch management will not download updates and patches from the internet
  • Products are missing from patch management
  • Roaming Agent Install not completing after CART removes a 3rd party product
  • Scheduled remediation of patches not working
  • Sort "Agents scanned by policy" report by ascending or descending not working


Download Details:

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