• Caption button menu is the small  icon you see on any accounts using VIPRE Password Vault.
  • Caption button is only available to accounts you already set to use VIPRE Password Vault.
  • It is a very useful feature in managing your log-in accounts and for easier and faster access to any of your online accounts with the Caption button menu available
  • If you are trying to access an application or a web account with no Caption button, it means that you have not set that specific account to use VIPRE Password Vault.

In order to use this feature, follow steps below:

Web accounts

  1. Open VIPRE Password Vault interface
  2. Click Menu at the top right corner > Settings
  3. Select Supported browsers
  4. Choose the browser you want to activate the Caption button and click Install button
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App Accounts 
You need to add the application first to your VIPRE Password Vault in order to use the Caption button. Click this link for detailed instructions on How to add App Account on VIPRE Password Vault