What is Message Tracking?

VIPRE Email Security for Exchange 2007. 2010, & 2013 (version introduces the ability to track messages that pass through the product.

This new option is available at the bottom of the VIPRE Email Security user interface and allows flexible criteria in regards to how to search for messages. Once an item of interest is found, it can be expanded to reveal it's route through VIPRE. The final line should show if/what caused a message to be blocked, which can greatly assist with determining what happened to a message or locating "missing" emails.
Important Considerations:

This message history shares a database with VIPRE's Reporting information, thus it will keep record of messages for the same duration as the Reporting Database has set. Because of this, it is recommended that servers that receive high volumes of traffic start using an SQL Database for Reporting/Tracking to ensure the default Access Database does not reach it's 2gb limit.

Click Here if VIPRE Email Security's Access Database has reached it's limit.
Click Here for instructions regarding altering a Database's Data Retention Period
Click Here for instructions regarding changing the Database being used.
For questions for concerns, please Contact Support