The instructions below outline the process of changing VIPRE Email Security's Database between Access & SQL.

Note: With the introduction of Message Tracking, it may be necessary to utilize an SQL Database.

Changing VIPRE Email Security's Reporting/Tracking Database:

Note: The information in the current Database will NOT be retained.

  1. Open the VIPRE Email Security Console
  2. Navigate to the "Databases" tab on the left
  3. Select the Configure option on the far-right
  4. Choose the desired Database with the Radio-Buttons
    • For SQL Databases, enter the Server/Authentication information
    • For Windows Authentication, ensure the "Domain\Username" format is used
  5. Select Test to confirm connectivity to the SQL Server 
    • VIPRE will request to automatically create the Database if one is not present
  6. Select OK and restart any requested services (Mailflow may be momentarily interrupted)

Once the Services are restarted, VIPRE Email Security will be utilizing the new Reporting/Tracking Database.
For any questions or concerns, please Contact Support