In the event a VIPRE Business Console is installed on a network without internet access, a Bypass Key can be created by support. This key is able to register the offline Console and ensure all functions requiring an active license remain in effect.

If a Bypass Key has not yet been created, please Contact Support with the following information ready:

  1. Valid Registration Key
  2. Associated Company's Name
  3. Requester's First & Last Name
  4. Desired Host Computer's Operating System (Including 32/64 bit)

The instructions below outline Console Installation, Bypass Key Application, and Software/Definition Downloads.  

Installation of the VIPRE Business Console:

  1. Download the appropriate Installation File for your version of VIPRE Business:
  2. Transfer the file to the desired Host System

Applying the Bypass Key to the VIPRE Business console:

  1. Navigate to the Console's Installation Directory:
  2. Locate "BypassKeyInsertionTool.exe" and run it as administrator
  3. Enter the provided Bypass Key and select OK
  4. Open the Console and confirm the Dashboard's License Key Area shows the correct information

Manually Downloading and Applying Agent Software:

  1. Stop the VIPRE Business Site Service
  2. Download the Latest Agent Software:
    (Standard Users should omit Premium and Endpoint Security installers)
    (Premium Users should omit Endpoint Security installers)
    Standard Agents:Premium Agents:Endpoint Security Agent:Additional Agents:
    Standard AgentPremium AgentEndpoint Security AgentHyper-V Agent

    Mac Agent
  3. Copy these files to SoftwareUpdate in the Console's Volatile Datafolder:
  4. Rename the files as outlined below:
    • Standard Agent: SBVEA_401_EN.msi
    • Premium Agent: SBVEA_402_EN.msi
    • Endpoint Security Agent: SBVEA_443_EN.msi
    • Hyper-V Agent: VIPRE Business Hyper-V Agent_435_EN.msi
    • Mac Agent: VIPRE Business Mac
  5. Start the VIPRE Business Site Service
  6. Open the Console and select "Site Properties"
  7. Navigate to Updates and confirm the Agents are listed (Hyper-V & Mac Agents will not be visible)

Note: Click Here if deploying to systems running Windows 2000 or Windows XP (SP2 or lower) from VIPRE Business or VIPRE Business Premium

Note: Click Here if deploying to systems running Windows 2000 or Windows XP from VIPRE Endpoint Security

Note: VIPRE Mobile Agents are unavailable on Closed Networks due to internet connectivity requirements

Manually Downloading and Applying Threat Definitions:

  • Follow the steps outlined here to update with the most recent VIPRE Console Definition file

Note: This process should be repeated daily to ensure adequate protection