The VIPRE Email Security Console keeps track of two Mailbox Counts, Local and Global:

  • Mailboxes used Locally: Mailboxes protected by THIS Console
  • Mailboxes used Globally: Mailboxes protected by ANY Console using this key

Mailbox use changes can take up to 24 hours to reflect in the License Key's Global Count
Reducing the Local Mailbox Count of a VIPRE Email Security Console:

Should the Local Mailbox Count be higher than expected, remove unwanted Mailboxes from active policies:
  1. Open the VIPRE Email Security Console
  2. Navigate to: Policies & Recipients > Recipients
  3. Select the "All Recipients" to view all assignments
  4. Sort the results by the Antispam Policy column
  5. Locate and select a Mailbox to be removed from a policy
    Multiple Mailboxes can be selected with CTRL or SHIFT
  6. Right-Click the selected Mailbox(es) and select "Modify Policy Assignments"
  7. Change Policy type to change: to "Antispam"
  8. Change Assign these recipients to: to "No Antispam Policy"
  9. Select "OK" and the Mailbox(es)'s policy assignment will be changed
  10. Repeat the process for Antivirus, Attachment Filtering, and Disclaimers (if necessary)

Note: VIPRE for Exchange 2000/2003 does not utilize Antivirus Policies

Investigating Global Mailbox Count License Overages:

All policies should be disabled when VIPRE is installed on Edge Transport Servers (or SMTP Relays):
  1. Open the VIPRE Email Security Console on the Edge/SMTP Server
  2. Navigate to: Policies & Recipients > Antispam > Default Antispam Policy 
  3. Open the Policy Settings tab, uncheck "Enable Policy", and apply the change
  4. Repeat this process for Antivirus, Attachment Filtering, and Disclaimer Policies
  5. Ensure ALL policies display a Red Square on the Left-Hand pane

This said, there are two circumstances that can lead to legitimate Global license overages:  
  • Exchange Environments utilizing Clustering
  • Exchange Environments utilizing Database Availability Groups

These situations result in the Global License Count reporting as: MailboxCount * ExchangeServers

Note: In these environments, only Local Counts on each Console are applicable

If VIPRE Email Security Console's Local Mailbox Count is not impacted by Policy Assignment, Contact Support