• Release Information:
  • Product: VIPRE Business (Standard & Premium)
  • Version: Management Console
  • Released: September 15th, 2015


  • Reduction of resources used by the VIPRE Roaming Service
  • Improved Patch Management Functionality (Premium Only)


  • Console flags agent for reboot on endpoint when agent is installed
  • Console displaying wrong iOS version
  • Android policies show which OS they support
  • Console crashing when passcode value is null in android policies
  • License registration will not complete
  • Roaming service is still called when roaming has been disabled
  • Missing Patches - Foxit Reader patch listed under incorrect manufacturer and product
  • Console fails to display Fully Patched machine count
  • Unhandled exception when running the "Patch Management Summary" report
  • Unhandled exception in Remote admin console when reassigning agents to another policy
  • VSS should consume less resources from VIPRE Roaming service
  • Cannot configure custom scan to scan a drive
  • Policy Properties - Selecting any policy page causing Apply button to be active
  • Unhandled exception when click on "All" under the patch management product list
  • Cannot change database configuration from Windows Auth to SQL Auth
  • Console crashing when editing policies after upgrade
  • Unhandled Exception when clicking on site properties
  • Can't install agent on machine that is listed as reporting to another site


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Note: There is no reboot requirement for this update

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