Release Information:

  • Product: VIPRE Business (Standard & Premium)
  • Version: Deployed Agent 7.5.5839
  • Released: September 15th, 2015


  • VIPRE Business 7.5 Agent has been certified Windows 10 compatible by Microsoft 
  • Improved Patch Management Functionality (Premium Only)
  • Firewall's NDIS filter replaced with a new WFP Driver (Premium Only)


  • Files are now un-quarantined to the proper location
  • Active protection no longer causes a performance issue with Dropbox client sync
  • AP in check files mode no longer hangs when running a self-extracting executable
  • Patch Management now detects missing patches on WinXP x64
  • The SBAMSvc no longer causes an excessive hang due to changes in processing threads
  • Agents use the version of MSXML installed on the endpoint to help maintain PCI compliance
  • VIPRE agent no longer hangs domain controller when using Windows Backup
  • Corrected Patch Management so it scans from the proper service location
  • Agents will properly start and communicate after installation. There was an issue where the service would start, but not communicate it was alive.
  • Interacts with MS Crypto Library correctly so that config files can be created
  • Upgrade no longer installs a non-communicative agent when the service fails (sometimes resembling the VIPRE home product)
  • VIPRE correctly reports Flash whether Flash is installed


  • Associated Release(s):
  • Agents no longer install MSXML 4.0, using the Endpoint's installed version instead
  • NDIS legacy drivers will continue to be deployed on Windows Vista and below (Desktop) and Server 2008(non-R2) and below (Server)
  • If you are planning on upgrading to Windows 10 in your environment, we recommend you first upgrade to VIPRE Business 7.5 as this will prevent agents from being removed by the upgrade process
  • Microsoft has implemented new rules around interaction with Windows Security Center and Windows Defender. While VIPRE is no longer allowed to disable Windows Defender in Windows 10, our service reports itself as running, and Security Center makes the decision to disable Windows Defender. If the service reports as stopped, then Windows Defender will be turned on

Download Details:

VIPRE Business Agents are updated by the Version 7 VIPRE Business Console.

Knowledge Base Article: How to Upgrade the VIPRE Business Console

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