Hyper-v scanning of a VM reports scan failed in the VIPRE console shortly after the scan is started. 

The following error will be found in the logs:

ERROR 2014-11-20 10:01:02,406 250697058ms AVEngine ScanWorkerThread2008 - WorkerThread exception 41b5b85a-fcbc-4493-98c2-cbb48e60b549

System.Exception: Problem occured during operating snapshots --->  FiveNine.Antivirus.Tools.HyperWmiHelpers.HyperVException: 'SQL' could not initiate a snapshot operation. (Virtual machine ID %GUID%)

Cannot take snapshot for 'SQL' because one or more pass-through disks are attached. (Virtual machine ID %GUID%)

     at FiveNine.Antivirus.Tools.HyperWmiHelpers.ManagementServiceBase.InvokeMethod(ManagementObject managedObject, String methodName, ManagementBaseObject inParams, Boolean waitForCompleted, Int32 timeOut)

     at FiveNine.Antivirus.Tools.HyperWmiHelpers.LocalHyperVManager.CreateVirtualSystemSnapshot(Guid vmId)

     at FiveNine.Antivirus.Engine.AVEngine.ScanWorkerThread2008(Object o)

     — End of inner exception stack trace —


  • VIPRE Business Hyper-V Agent
  • VIPRE Business Premium Hyper-V Agent
  • VIPRE Endpoint Security Hyper-V Agent
  • All Hyper-V Environments


There is no solution for the Hyper-V agent to finish scanning. You can install a VIPRE Business or VIPRE Business Premium agent in the Hyper-V Agent's place to complete scans. Another option is to convert the Physical Drive to a Virtual Disk.

Microsoft Technet: Convert a Physicial Disk to a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)


The Hyper-V agent requires a snapshot to be created to successfully run a scan. The Hyper-V environment cannot create a snapshot when a pass-through drive is connected to the VM. Without the creation of that snapshot the scan will not complete.