Release Information:

  • Product: VIPRE Business (Standard, Premium, and Endpoint Security)
  • Version: Deployed Agent 9.3.6000
  • Released: April 5th, 2016


  • New product type introduced: VIPRE Endpoint Security
  • Improved Scanning Engine with faster scan times and a lighter footprint
  • Browser Protection against malicious HTTP traffic
  • Advanced Browser Protection with real-time cloud lookups of URLs (Premium & Endpoint Security Only)
  • Advanced Active Protection with update-able heuristic rules (Endpoint Security Only)
  • Endpoint Device Control (Endpoint Security Only)


  • Hard Drive running out of space with large temp files after scanning threats
  • Performance issues during archive remediation
  • Patch scanning not working properly
  • Disabling a blocked website in Browser Protection does not work and page continues to be blocked
  • Scan fails when scanning PST file
  • Agent install requiring reboot does not prompt for reboot after install
  • Text cut off/overlapped on Settings tab
  • Some help menu items not working
  • Web Filtering causing significant slowdowns and occasional failures on definition downloads
  • Agents reporting Windows Updates status of Unknown
  • Custom scan settings do not save when edited in agent
  • Diagnostic tool not creating full diagnostics
  • Patch agent definitions are not updating correctly
  • VIPRE agent reports the wrong version of the OS to the VIPRE server


Download Details:

VIPRE Business Agents are updated by the Version 9 VIPRE Business Console.

Knowledge Base Articles:
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