A VIPRE Business Hyper-V Agent is unable to contact the Console due to incorrect communication information


  • VIPRE Business (Hyper-V Agent)
  • VIPRE Business Premium (Hyper-V Agent)
  • VIPRE Endpoint Security (Hyper-V Agent)
  • All Supported Environments


First, ensure the Hyper-V Agent's Policy has the correct information:
  1. Open the VIPRE Business Console
  2. Right-Click the Hyper-V Agent's Policy and select Properties
  3. Go to the "Communication" section
  4. Confirm the Policy Server field is correct

Once confirmed, the VIPRE Hyper-V Agent can be updated:
  1. Open the Services list on the Hyper-V Host machine
  2. Stop the Threattrack CBT Service
  3. Stop the ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Hyper-V Agent Service
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\VIPRE Hyper-V Agent
  5. Open the file ThreatTrack.Security.Antivirus.Service.exe.config
  6. Find the line containing <endpoint address="net.tcp://IncorrectPolicyServer:18090/HyperVAgentMethods"
  7. Update the IncorrectPolicyServer information to the new PolicyServer
  8. Find the line containing <endpoint address="net.tcp://IncorrectPolicyServer:18090/UpdateMethods"
  9. Update the IncorrectPolicyServer information to the new PolicyServer
  10. Close the Window and save the change
  11. Start the ThreatTrack CBT Service and the ThreatTrack Security VIPRE Hyper-V Agent Service

After the process is complete, the VIPRE Hyper-V Agent should call into the Console after a few minutes. 

If the Agent is still unable to contact the Console, please Contact Support


The VIPRE Business Hyper-V Agent was either supplied with incorrect communication information or said information has changed without updating the Hyper-V Agent's Policy.