VIPRE software contains several different ways to initiate a scan, one of those methods is via the system tray icon. You can right-click on the VIPRE system tray icon and access a series of scan related options that include the ability to start a Quick or Full scan, as well as manipulate a scan that is already in progress.

Starting your scans this way does not require you to open the VIPRE interface and it is meant to be an unobtrusive method to run scans as you see fit. As a result, this means that the user interface will not pop open and display the scan results when the scan is completed. This is because VIPRE is set up to handle threats automatically and clean any threat it encounters efficiently and quietly, and you can view your scan history at a later time to see what, if anything, was detected.

How will I know if VIPRE detected any threats after a right-click scan?

VIPRE contains several features that you can change if you wish to be alerted when VIPRE detects a threat after running a right-click scan. The first method would be to disable the Handle Threats Automatically setting. VIPRE will still suggest the ideal method of remediation, however the user will have the ability to change it, or simply click on the Perform Actions button after viewing the detected items. With this setting disabled, VIPRE will alert you that scan results are pending with an alert in the top-right corner, as well as with a yellow VIPRE icon in the system tray.


Another feature that you can enable is Second Layer Scan. This feature works as a security blanket and will initiate a Full scan if a Quick scan detects any threats at all. This setting is meant to be added security instead of an alert, but with right-click scanning being used, it can work just as effectively as a way to let you know if VIPRE's right-click scan detected any threats. With Second Layer Scan enabled, you will receive a notification in the top-right corner, and another notification the next time you open VIPRE's interface.

Each of the features - Handle Threats Automatically and Second Layer Scan - can be found in VIPRE's Manage tab pictured below.