VIPRE Plugin will not connect when opened


  • VIPRE Plugin for Labtech
  • Labtech Console


Ensure the following

Always launch the Labtech console with right click run as admin.

On the VIPRE server make sure the VIPRE site service is running. 

Verify the VIPRE Plugin settings:

VIPRE server name needs to be all uppercase. 

Verify the port 18088 is open to the VIPRE server. 

If using a FQDN that resolves to an external IP you will need to forward the port to the VIPRE server in your firewall

User credentials have to be a domain admin or local administration account on the VIPRE server. 

Once the above settings are correct and saved

Close the VIPRE Plugin and Labtech console

Go to C:\window\temp\

Delete all the files starting with VIPRE

When you reopen it should connect if the setting are accurate and the port is open. 


There are several reasons for the plugin to not connect. The most common is miss-configuration of the settings or the port not being open to the VIPRE server.