VIPRE Advanced Security for Business - Welcome Packet

What is VIPRE Advanced Security for Business?

VIPRE Advanced Security gives you top-rated malware protection at the best value in the industry. Consistently earning 100% block rates and zero false positives by AV-Comparatives, the most widely-trusted independent testing agency, VIPRE is the advanced defense that is easy to use, fast to deploy, and simple to maintain. VIPRE never slows you down. It uses cutting-edge machine learning, one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds, and real-time behavior analysis to protect millions of users every day from the top online threats including ransomware, zero-day malware, and other threats that can evade traditional antivirus regardless of how attackers try to compromise your environment. VIPRE brings you these advanced capabilities for as low as $12 per seat, and all VIPRE customers receive free U.S.-based technical support plus free malware remediation services for any existing infections.


The solution delivers two core components that protect your entire environment: an endpoint-based solution that ensures that your desktops and servers don't get infected by any malicious code, and a server-based e-mail solution that analyzes your inbound e-mail to filter out malicious attachments, phishing URLs, and other potential threats to your end users before they even get to the endpoint. Both components provide anti-malware, anti-spam, and anti-phishing support using a layered security approach, from simple signature-based scanning to deep machine learning analysis. The solution features:

  • Top-rated malware, ransomware, virus, phishing, and spam endpoint protection
  • Malicious website and web content blocking
  • Comprehensive Windows, Mac, and Mobile coverage
  • Server-based blocking of e-mail based threats
  • Advanced firewall, device control, and patch management for the endpoint
  • Fast and easy deployment and management with minimal system impact
  • Highest-rated, free U.S.-based support including free cleanup of any existing infections
  • Simple flat-rate pricing that does not require constant monitoring for compliance

VIPRE Advanced Security for Business Welcome Guide

The VIPRE Advanced Security for Business Welcome Guide is a 31 page PDF that can be downloaded here.  

VIPRE Advanced Security for Business Welcome Guide:  Table of Contents

  • About VIPRE Advanced Security for Business
    • About this guide
  • Overview of VIPRE Advanced Security
    • System Requirements
      • Endpoint Security System Requirements
      • Email Security for Exchange System Requirements
  • Preparing for Installation and Configuration
    • Installation Overview
    • Downloading and extracting the install package
  • Installing and Configuring Endpoint Security
    • Installing Endpoint Security and Performing Initial Configuration
    • Setting Up Policies
    • Installing agents to protect your endpoints
      • Installing Windows Agents
      • Installing Agents on Mac, Android, iOS, and Hyper-V
    • Updating or upgrading to Endpoint Security
  • Installing and Configuring Email Security for Exchange
    • Installing Email Security on a Hub-Transport Server
    • Installing Email Security on an Edge Transport Server
  • Where to Find More Information
  • VIPRE Support and Sales

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